The challenge

Kodai is a mobile application that allows musicians and hobbyists to transcribe music recordings to midi with the help of AI technology. The app features an audio recorder supported by a system that identifies instruments for more accurate results. With Kodai’s organiser and social features, bands and music mates can make use of the application by collaborating in workspaces and creating songs together. The application and its brand identity needed to be built from the ground up.

The solution

The main goal with the UI and the branding was to make professional musicians immediately feel at home while allowing beginners and hobbyists to easily connect to the app as well. The UI and colours of Kodai are inspired by professional digital audio workstation (DAW) interfaces and plugins to create connection to these tools in the mind of the users. The navigation within the app is aided by colour combinations.

The logo resembles sound waves and evokes the idea of modern voice assistants to remind users of the technology behind Kodai. The main colours of the identity consists of light grey, icy blue and pale beige to remind users of the DAW they work on to create their music.

Color combinations help to effectively communicate different concepts within the app.

As an organiser, Kodai provides project-based and file-based view so that users can always find what they are looking for. The audio recording and converter buttons are available from the main page.

It was very important to have a strong visual appearance for the recording and the converter page as they are the main features of the application.

Social features including friending other users, sharing projects and files with them and forming bands to work together on projects. These pages have a white background and a contact list like appearance.

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