Eurodesk re-branding

The challenge

Eurodesk is a non-profit organisation federating over 1600 youth workers in 36 countries. The members reach out to young people aged 13-30 to encourage active citizenship by informing about funded mobility opportunities and promoting voting at the national and EU elections. Back in 2018, the organisation lacked a coherent brand identity that could unite the members across countries. Eurodesk needed an identity that speaks both to young people and youth workers, highlights the European aspect of the project and provides easy to use solutions given the diversity among its members.

The solution

The new Eurodesk brand identity was released in 2018. The Eurodesk Brand Book built upon the nearly 30 years history of the network and resulted in a more streamlined and straightforward set of rules. The Eurodesk logo was refined to be curvier and more flexible to use. Blue and yellow remained the predominant colours of the identity, highlighting the European dimension but it was extended with additional colours to provide options and encourage a more playful approach. Among the brand assets, members could find a more compatible font family, new icons, and many ready-made materials (e.g. flyers, posters, rollups, social media contents etc.) that were immediately available for print and web use.

The old version of the logo (on the left) was redesigned with slightly modified colours, rounder curves and updated letter spacing for a more balanced look.

Custom logos were developed for the various tools that Eurodesk offers to its members to create clarity between services provided.

The Eurodesk Brand Book provides clear and detailed instructions to the members of the organisation to achieve a more coherent communication all over Europe.

With the updated brand guidelines came a lot of ready-made publications and communication materials. The number of these assets still keeps on growing by the time.

The re-branding marked the revamp of the Eurodesk website and the creation of additional online platforms that were designed to match the new look.

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