Eurodesk Annual Overview 2018

The challenge

Eurodesk is a non-profit organisation federating over 1600 youth workers in 36 countries. The members reach out to young people aged 13-30 to encourage active citizenship by informing about funded mobility opportunities and promoting voting at the national and EU elections. The Eurodesk Annual Overview publication highlights the work of the network from the previous year. This publication generally builds upon the Eurodesk visual identity but has the role of experimenting with the existing visual rules and providing good practice for the whole network.

The solution

As the editor and designer of the Annual Overview, I had full control over the creative direction. In the edition that introduced the activities of Eurodesk from 2018, yellow was selected as the main colour, complemented by dark grey and white elements. The colours, together with the big, outlined numbers, the pop text effects, and geometric shapes aimed at providing an 80s inspired tone to the publication. The Overview was printed on a recycled paper that tends to yellow as it ages, reinforcing the 80s vibe.

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