Scaling up Challenge Report 2019

With bold colours, playful elements and a dynamic layout, the Report focused on channelling the creativity and the ideas that were in the centre of the event.

Are We Europe infographics

I created three infographics for two different issues in 2019 for Are We Europe. The working process included the research and data collection for each topic.

Eurodesk Annual Overview 2018

As the editor and designer of the Annual Overview, I had full control over the creative direction. In the edition that introduced the activities of Eurodesk from 2018, yellow was selected as the main colour, complemented by dark grey and white elements.

Eurodesk re-branding

The new Eurodesk brand identity was released in 2018. The Eurodesk Brand Book built upon the nearly 30 years history of the network and resulted in a more streamlined and straightforward set of rules.